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Aceh agarwood oil comes from the agarwood plant from Aceh, which is a blackish wood and contains a distinctive resin produced by a number of tree species from the genus Aquilaria, especially A. malaccensis. This resin is used in the fragrance industry (perfume and clover) because it smells good. Gaharu since the beginning of the modern era (2000 years ago) has been a trading commodity from the Archipelago to India, Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, and East Africa. Agarwood oil is produced through the Steam Distillation extraction method, this oil has a dark green to dark brown color. Aceh's agarwood oil has benefits, among others, to help focus the mind, aid in meditation, reduce joint pain, as a fragrance and as a spiritual medium.

Content :


Color :

Dark green to dark brown

Usage :

Can be used directly at the recommended dosage as needed, and it is recommended to be diluted before use

Products that can be produced :

Aromatherapy, painkillers, perfume

Prevention :

Not recommended for use on people with sensitive skin

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