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Citronella oil comes from the citronella java plant. This plant was originally found in tropical Asia. Included in plants commonly used to make perfume. Produced by the steam distillation extraction method. This oil is a brownish liquid and has a lemony scent. It is soluble in alcohol. The benefits of this oil are to help the respiratory system, nervous system and severe muscle spasms, aromatherapy to relieve stress, insomnia and depression, protect and protect the body from harmful toxins and fungal infections, help improve the performance of the nervous system, digestion, excretion, detoxify the body and improve. blood circulation.

Contents :

The main constituent of this oil is citronellal

Usage :

This oil works well with lavender, lemon, pine, orange, cedarwood, geranium and bergamot

Products that can be produced :

Perfume, aromatherapy to calm nerves

Prevention :

  1. Should not be used in large quantities because there can cause severe damage to organs such as the liver and kidneys.
  2. Be careful when applying to the skin, because it can cause allergies
  3. not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women

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