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Cinnamon leaf oil comes from the leaves of the cinnamon plant. This plant belongs to the Lauraceae family. Young leaves are reddish in color and turn dark green as they mature. Elongated ovoid leaves have a pointed tip that looks shiny. Cinnamon leaf oil is produced through the steam distillation extraction method, has a yellowish brown to thick color, is liquid and has a strong smell. It is soluble in alcohol. This oil has the benefit of reducing inflammation, relieving depression and improving blood circulation, warding off free radicals, infections from viruses and parasites, stimulating libido levels and the immune system, and is useful as a disinfectant.

Contents :

The main constituent of this oil is eugenol

Usage :

This oil can be mixed with cedarwood, clove bud, neroli, lavender, organe, lemon, ylang-ylang, rosemary, and tyme oil.

Products that can be produced :

Topical medicine


  1. Should not be used for internal purposes
  2.  Avoid use in the eyes, mucous membranes and other sensitive areas of the body
  3. Pregnant, nursing mothers and children should not use this oil.
  4. Should not be used for those of you who are allergic to cinnamon.

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