Tuton Kopi Giyanti

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Produsen: KUB.Berkah Tani
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Tuton Kopi Giyanti produced by KUB. Berkah Tani, Pasangsari Village, Windusari District, Magelang Regency was established in 2017.

Tuton Kopi Giyanti

Tuton: comes from the Java language pounded with mortar and pestle, the name Tuton as a symbol of Javanese coffee as well as to remember the origin of the ready-made coffee is pounded.

Giyanti: is the name of the Mount coffee place planted with an altitude of 1200 MPdl, besides introducing coffee giyanti on Mount Giyanti, there are religious tours, Annual religious tours that are always held every Thursday the last Sunday of the month of peace.

Coffee connoisseurs say that Giyanti coffee has the aroma of spices (cardamom). So that Giyanti coffee has special characteristics compared to other coffee coffees.

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