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Agro Jowo Biz (www.agrojowo.biz) is a web portal that aims to promote agricultural products and plantations throughout Central Java. This portal was developed and managed by the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Central Java Province. As a manifestation of the dedication of the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Central Java Province in improving the welfare of farmers, through this digitalization program in the field of marketing, it is expected to be able to help farmers to promote agricultural and plantation products so that sales for the local and global markets can be well implemented. With the sale of good agricultural and plantation products, it is expected to increase the motivation of farmers to develop innovation and productivity further.

This web portal contains a catalog of agricultural and plantation products from farmers throughout Central Java. Agricultural and plantation products will be offered through this website. For an attractive appearance, the product design presented will be processed by the web Admin team so that the catalog presented appears professionally. The farmers or farmer groups simply send product data when harvesting and product description data, and the Admin team will manage it further. For this communication need, a special system is provided that makes it easy for farmers to send data on these products. Likewise for the data update system, farmers only need to update the data through the system that has been prepared.

In addition to the promotion of agricultural and plantation products, this web portal is also equipped with facilities for information and publications for the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Central Java Province. Various information related to price information, agricultural and plantation tutorial information, as well as publications from the government both central and regional governments, especially regarding policies in agriculture and plantations.

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